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"Books are the soul of the whole past time." - Our motto is us life task and obligation at the same time.

Therefore we offer books to you from all centuries and to all issues, which are of your interest - whether poetry and fiction or specialized books, whether classical authors or human disciplines, whether esoterical books or picture books for the smallest ones.

In our bookshop you find rare and out of print editions, which you already have been looking up for a long time. But also you can find favourable used books, which are still available on the market

We already make sure when purchasing used books that they are in a good to very good condition - corresponding to their age.


Paperbacks are well-liked - because they are small, handy and inexpensive. Particularly in the entertaining literature the paperback left the bound book far behind in the sales figures.

We observed this development attentively and offer to our customers a variety of paperbacks since many years.

You are looking for life or love novels, thrillers or shockers, science fiction or fantasy, western or historical novels? Or novels in English language?

Then visit us for a time - you will surely discover an amusing reading for yourself.


In the post-war years Germany experienced a bloom time of the novel booklet culture. Whether dear novels or western stories, whether homeland novels or thrillers - humans longed themselves for a safe world in privation and misery.

Later shocker and horror novels, science fiction and fantasy were added. Immortal series such as Perry Rhodan and John Sinclair were born.

Until today novel booklets with their final or continuing stories fill a large readership with enthusiasm.

Since 1949 our customers can buy and exchange novel booklets. We feel and keep this tradition becoming rare in Munich.


You are a Comic lover? You look for a very special booklet from your childhood? Your children read Walt Disney at the dearest?

Our Comic corner is filled and waits for your attendance.

We always have a large number of Walt Disney’s Merry Paperbacks and Mickey Mouse booklets for you on stock.

The supply at Comics such as Lucky Luke and Asterix, ghost stories and English, Canadian or US Comics constantly changes.


At home do the read novel booklets pile themselves with you? Don't you know where with your paperbacks and books, but you don’t want to throw them away?

Bring them to us!

For the booklets and books bought in our store, which you bring back to us in the same condition, you receive a credit note at a value of 20% of our price.

That way you have to pay less for your purchase. If your time is tight you get a credit note, so you can look for new reading material without ruffle or excitement on another day.


We constantly purchase books, paperbacks and comics - unique pieces and small batches, in addition, whole collections and estates. With large numbers of items.

Which books we purchase and at which price, we can tell you unfortunately only after inspection. Basically we pay attention to a good or very good condition of the books.

Please note, that we can only purchase on Tuesday 10.00 - 18.00 or after making an appointment per phone.

You have to master an evacuation of estate, a removal or a transport? We recommend to you an absolutely reliable company in Munich, with which we are very satisfied: The Ebos Service-GmbH.